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Tax Services

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  • Tax Management Services
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Our Financial Planning Process

It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start Saving for the Future

Our financial planning process begins with gathering some preliminary knowledge about you. We will reach out to you and give you a small list of documents to bring to our first meeting which will serve as a baseline for further discussion. The first meeting will center around us learning more about your goals. We believe that true wealth is more than just a number on a piece of paper. Instead, true wealth is better described as the fulfillment of your aspirations and achievement of peace of mind. We are here to be a supporting resource for you as you set out to achieve your goals, and to help you understand what steps you will need to take to reach them financially. This meeting will give us enough knowledge to start your formal financial plan. In the second meeting, we will propose specific investment strategies to help you reach the goals outlined in the first meeting, and we will hand you a physical copy of your formal financial plan. In this meeting, we will also create a customized portfolio tailored to your unique needs and risk tolerance. If you intend to use our asset management services in addition to the financial planning service as a part of our Complete Package, then we will gladly take care of the account setup and ongoing portfolio management for you. Our follow-up meetings will evaluate your progress, and any changes to your plan that need to be made will be made accordingly.

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